FusionPro is a self-fusing repair tape that conforms to any surface while providing a water- tight seal. Silicone tape creates a chemical, moisture-resistant barrier that fixes leaky pipes, hoses and insulates frayed electrical wires. It is easy to remove, leaves no sticky residue and protects from corrosion.


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Key Features

  • Made of self-fusing Silicone Film
  • Temperature resistance from -54ºC to 260ºC (-65ºF to 500ºF)
  • Withstands Salt Water, Fuels and Acids
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Resists up to 8,000 volts
  • Fuses onto itself within 24 hours in ambient temperature


  • Sports Grip Tape
  • Plumbing Repair
  • Underwater Uses
  • Hose and Pipe Repair
  • Indoor and Outdoor Electrical