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Hockey, Athletic and Laces

SPORTSTAPE is widely used by recreational and professional players, at all levels, in all leagues, around the globe.

Hockey tape made its first appearance in 1920 when players began using this strange looking material to strengthen and protect the wooden blade of the stick. Cloth tape would have also been used to hold up equipment and to prevent it from flapping around while the players were on the ice.

The cloth hockey tape we currently produce is manufactured from a blend of cotton and polyesters fibers, designed to resist abrasion on the frozen, and sometimes wet, surface of an ice rink. The special adhesives we use – “SportsTack” and “OPS-Plus” – were developed to respond to the new materials being used to make hockey sticks and the evolving technology of “one-piece-sticks.” One further feature we offer on our cloth tapes is a serrated edge that facilitates cross-directional tearing.

Our polyethylene sock-tape is specially constructed to reduce stretch so that it doesn’t shrink after it’s been applied around shin-pads or other protective equipment. The adhesive is formulated so that it sticks well to its own backing but not too well so that it pulls fibre from clothing when being removed.

The hockey-lace line we supply uses a blend of natural and synthetic materials, woven for lasting durability and is available in either a regular or waxed formats. Each lace is individually inspected to ensure they meet the highest quality standard that our customers expect. As part of the category, we also offer a range of coloured laces.